Activities that are listed either in Listing 1 or in Listing 2 require Environmental Authorisation from the Competent Authority before commencement.

The Applicant (the person that wants to undertake the listed activity) is required to subject the proposed activity to an Environmental Impact Assessment. The Competent Authority will decide whether to grant or refuse authorisation based on the outcome of the Environmental Impact Assessment process. Depending on the type and scope of the activity, the activity must either be subjected to a Basic Assessment or to the more thorough Scoping and EIA process. Provision is also made for an Applicant to apply to the Competent Authority and request to be Exempted from any provision of the Environmental Impact Assessment regulations.

The Applicant must appoint an Environmental Assessment Practitioner to manage the Application for Environmental Authorisation on his/her behalf. The Environmental Assessment practitioner must determine which process to follow; Basic Assessment, Scoping and EIA or request an Exemption. Generally activities that are listed in listing 1 must be subjected to Basic Assessment and listing 2 activities to Scoping and EIA. After an activity has been subjected to Basic Assessment, the Competent Authority may order the Applicant to subject the activity to Scoping and EIA, if the Competent Authority could not reach a decision based on the outcome of the Basic Assessment process. An Applicant can also obtain written authorisation from the Competent Authority to subject an activity listed in listing 1 to Scoping and EIA.

The decision made by the Competent Authority to either grant or refuse the requested Environmental Authorisation, may be Appealed.

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Process Overview - Flow Diagram Environmental Authorisation Environmental Authorisation Suspend authorization Suspend authorization Withdraw authorization Withdraw authorization Amend authorization Amend authorization Appeal authorization Appeal authorization Scoping Request applicant to submit to scoping Basic assessment Possible Application for Exemption Listing 1 activity
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